Global Montessori is an exceptional preschool experience. Not only do the teachers provide an wonderfully nurturing and safe environment, but the educational curriculum is thoughtfully planned out to expose the children to an incredible range of topics and experiences. In the two years that our daughter has been in Global Montessori, she has learned about art, music, drama, yoga, computers, geography, culture, cooking, numbers, addition, subtraction, phonics, reading, and the list goes on and on. She has heard the music of the great composers and she has painted works of art by great artists like Monet and Van Gogh. She’s learned the basics of reading sheet music and can play basic songs on the piano. She’s learned the traits of good citizenship and willingly cleans up after herself and treats others with kindness and respect. She constantly breaks out into spontaneous song, singing the upbeat songs she’s learned at school. We have been blown away by the quality of the Global Montessori experience!
Drs. Christine & Alex Walsh

Our daughter recently graduated from the Global Montessori Preschool of Westwood this year and it was such a wonderful experience that we have enrolled our son to begin in the fall! The school is the closest environment to having your children at home but with many more opportunities to learn, grow and blossom as individuals. The children are exposed to many great activities and the friendships they develop from the small, loving environment are priceless. The families of the students turn into your extended family and friends and it creates a great community. The teachers all have years of experience and work hard to develop your child on an individual basis. Their warm hugs every morning say it all!
Jean & Joe Huber

In today’s limited educational ecosystem, Global Montessori of Westwood is truly a unique space where children receive the much-deserved attention, love, and care. The 1 to 3 teacher/student ratio, combined with a rich and diverse curriculum offers an exceptional learning environment for pre-schoolers. The specific attention given to the parent-teacher relationship offers an exceptional environment where parents feel welcomed, listened to and collaborated with.
Armin Pajand

For parents searching for a true Montessori environment, this is it! Only the highest quality teaching materials are used–wood, metal, and even glass, as children are taught to safely and properly pour, hold, and carry everyday items as a practical skill. Students also learn about geography, math, social studies/culture, & language on a level so deep, it’s at times hard to believe. Children this young really are capable of learning about the different continents and doing math, so why not encourage them to try? Moreover, they learn self confidence, to take responsibility for themselves, and they develop the love of learning in this beautiful home-based environment. During work time, students work independently in a calm, peaceful, respectful environment–an effect that has carried over to our home life. The school balances Montessori curriculum with music, visual arts, drama, yoga and cooking. The teachers really listen and are truly devoted to what they do. We are blessed to have our children under their care.
Parent of Two Graduates

Enrolling our 2 and a half year old daughter at Global Montessori is one of the best decisions we’ve made as parents. The environment is very nurturing and loving. The teachers genuinely care about the children. Our daughter wakes up excited to go to school every morning. She absolutely loves the teachers and the environment. The children get taught in various areas such as Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language and Culture. In addition to this, they have weekly lessons in Drama, Classical Music, Yoga, Cooking and Computer. The development we’ve seen in our daughter since she started school is nothing short of incredible. She’s more sociable, confident and performing at levels well beyond her age in math, art, geography and language. Most importantly she’s learning how to be a good individual – caring for others, sharing, teamwork, cleaning up after her self, leadership and being independent. We can’t speak enough about the school and the teachers. It’s literally home away from home for our daughter. Thanks for everything you do.
Sari & Nikhil