Montessori Curriculum: Sensorial Area

The Montessori Sensorial Area Introduces Exploration of the Senses 

The faculties of intelligence are developed through exploration of the materials of varying shape, dimension, color, texture, smell, and taste.

Geometric shapes are also presented.  

The sensorial area also includes learning about geometry. The child is introduced to the subject through the senses. 
When a child develops a rich sense of the world around them, they learn to try things, to explore things, and to differentiate between things in meaningful ways. 

The aim (of sensorial exercises) is an inner one, namely, that the child train himself to observe; that he be led to make comparisons between objects, to form judgments, to reason and to decide; and it is in the indefinite repetition of this exercise of attention and of intelligence that a real development ensues.” …Dr. Montessori