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Global Montessori School of Westwood
January Newsletter

We would like to wish you all a very happy New Year! We hope that your holidays were enjoyable and refreshing. We would like to update you on the recent activities that your children have been engaged in here at school.

In the month of December, we continued presenting to the children individual and group presentations relating to practical life, sensorial, math, and language. The emphasis of our cultural studies program this month was learning about the continents and the oceans, and the children all participated in painting their very own map of the continents. The children were very enthusiastic to learn a new song about the oceans, which is attached to this letter in case they would like to practice it at home. We also studied North America, which gave the children a better understanding of the geography of our country and its neighbors.

Every month we will be highlighting a particular value in our classroom. This month the value we have chosen to highlight is honesty. Every day we will be reading a story about honesty and discussing and analyzing the different aspects of the story that relate to this value. Our hope is to plant a seed in the children so that in time they will cultivate an understanding of how these principles relate to their own lives.

Our music program has been particularly exciting recently. In the months preceding the holidays the children were exposed to many different areas of music, including various instruments like the ukulele, autoharp, Musicmaker, fiddle, banjo, drum set, xylophone and the celebratory sounds of the trumpet. The children were also introduced to the square dance, which they found particularly entertaining!

Our drama program, which takes place every other Tuesday morning, is thriving as well, and the children are thrilled to experience role-playing as they dress up and act out a play. This provides them with a unique opportunity to express themselves through the creative arts and they thoroughly enjoy it.

On alternating Tuesday afternoons we are honored to welcome a studentís mother in teaching Spanish to the children. She incorporates a variety of exciting games and activities and the children very much look forward to her presence in the classroom.

Yoga class continues to engage the children on a weekly basis. Miss Priya reads a different book every week, which inspires the creation of various poses that relate to the characters in the story. The children are very inspired by these creations. Each session ends with a focused recognition on the beauty of peace, which is one of the many values that the children are learning to appreciate in class.

In the area of Art our emphasis during the month of December was Van Gogh. The children loved painting their own versions of Starry Night and discovering the artists within themselves. This month the children are learning about Henry Matisse and will do a special art project relating to his work. On Friday, January 25th an artist named Peggy Hasagawa will be joining us. She has been teaching students from age three to eighty years for two decades, and has taught at many well-respected institutions, including Los Angeles County Museum of Art, UCLA Extention, USC Fisher Gallery, The Skirball Cultural Center, The Pacific Asia Museum, The Huntington Library, and the Hollywood Bowl Summer Sounds. We extend our sincere thanks to the parents who sponsored this special event.

Last but not least, we are planning a fieldtrip on Friday, February 22nd at 10 a.m. to Santa Monica Playhouse. We will keep you updated on the details of the fieldtrip. Our special thanks go out to the parents who sponsored this event.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the wonderful activities and programs that continue to enrich the lives of our children. We look forward to continuing what has already been a very enriching and productive year, and sharing with you all of the progress that the children are making as they learn about themselves, each other, and the world around them.

The Ocean Song
(Sung to the tune of-My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean)

The earth is all covered with ocean
The earth is all covered with sea
The earth is all covered with ocean
More water than land canít you see

Water, water, thereís water all over the world-the world
Water, water, more ocean than land canít you see

So salty and cold is the ocean
So salty and cold is the sea
So salty and cold is the ocean
Too salty and cold for me

Water, water thereís water all over the world-the world
Water, water, more ocean than land canít you see

Atlantic, Pacific, the Arctic
And then thereís the Indian too
These oceans all cover the planet
I named all of them, now can you?