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Global Montessori School of Westwood
February Newsletter

This month has been absolutely extraordinary, and we would like to share with you a little about the wonderful activities your children have been engaged in. To begin with, in our Cultural Studies program the emphasis of this month’s curriculum has been South America. The children have learned all about this exquisite continent, from its geography and landmarks to its resources, wildlife, and flags. Throughout the month, the children have had the opportunity to cook and taste authentic South American dishes, which they particularly loved. Also, the children have been learning about the various land and water forms, and have reinforced their new knowledge by punching these landforms out of paper.

This month we also celebrated the Chinese New Year, the year of the rat. Joanna Kwok’s parents Hillary and Raymond were kind enough to lead the children in a presentation regarding the traditions of the Chinese New Year, including the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. The children enjoyed making and decorating colorful paper lanterns.

Valentine’s Day was also a joyful celebration for the children. They were thrilled to partake in many fun activities, such as face painting, nail polishing, necklace making, and other various art projects. The Practical Life section of our classroom reflected this celebration by integrating heart-shaped objects and the color red. Our sincere thanks go out to the parents who assisted with our Valentine’s Day festivities.

In the area of language many of the three-year-olds are enjoying initial sound and blending exercises. Our four and five-year olds feel very excited to be reading the SRA- reading series.

The children have been excelling in math as well, and were recently introduced to the “45 layout.” The “45 layout” uses beads and numerals to demonstrate the principles of place values in the decimal system.

Our music program has been very special this month. The children were exposed to jazz music and the art of scatting, and listened to the music of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. During the month of March the children will journey in their minds to New Orleans to learn the history of Cajun music. There will be a presentation featuring the accordion and electric violin.

Throughout the month the children learned about the artist Henri Matisse, both his life and his artistic expressions. We also enjoyed a visit by artist Peggy Hasagawa, who taught the children about the various possibilities of drawing with lines.

The highlight of our month was our fieldtrip to Santa Monica Playhouse. Hopefully you all enjoyed the interactive fairytale experience!

Please note that the following days school will be closed: March 6 and March 7 (Teacher’s Professional Days) March 24-28 (Spring Break)

Thank you so much for another great month!!