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Global Montessori School of Westwood
April Newsletter

The month of April has been a very special month. The emphasis of this month’s curriculum has been Cultural Studies, and science has been our primary focus. The children have gained a broad exposure to many different areas of science, including an initial understanding of the difference between living and non-living things, and a more in-depth study of vertebrates and invertebrates. The children learned fun facts about spiders and insects, and are understanding more about the relationship of different creatures to each other in nature.

The week of April 19th the children celebrated Earth Day, and we discussed ways in which we can respect and preserve nature, such as recycling. The children very much enjoyed setting up a bird feeder! They were also intrigued by information about the three states of matter-solids, liquids, and gases. We have also begun actual experiments that demonstrate these concepts, like freezing water into ice cubes.

In the area of mathematics, the children are learning the principles of math through bank role-playing. Different children assume different roles—the banker or the customer-and the children are able to contextualize the decimal system, from units to thousands. This really creates a concrete understanding of numerical place values, and paves the way for advanced math operations. The children are having a blast doing this!

Our art curriculum this month featured Pablo Picasso, including his life and works. The children replicated their own version of his painting, “Mains Aux Fleurs,” which turned out beautifully.

In music, the children learned a lot about Vivaldi, and have been listening to his music in the classroom. Next month’s focus will be the Beatles, and the children will sing and dance some of the most memorable songs ever written.

This month we will conclude our study of the continent of Europe. The children have enjoyed many presentations on this extraordinary part of the world. Today, a parent presented France to the children. They particularly loved coloring the flags of different countries and as well as detailed maps, and trying different recipes! Next month’s curriculum will feature the continent of Asia.

Thank you for all of your involvement and care!