Two Green

Montessori field trips

We strive to explore the world outside the classroom through fireld trips. During a trip to Underwood Farms, we learned how pumpkins are grown. We saw different sizes and colors of pumpkins, and each child had the opportunity to pick their own pumpkin.

We visited a fire station to understand the work of firefighters, and also spent time exploring the Zimmer children's museum, the Santa Monica Aquarium, saw a live performance at the Santa Monica Playhouse, went behind-the-scenes and made pizza at the California Pizza Kitchen, and furthered our understanding of our solar system during an outstanding presentation at the Santa Monica Planetarium.

We focused on Monet's paintings during a visit to the Getty Center Museum one year, and when learning about the animal kingdom, we attended the Getty's special exhibit "Oudry's Painted Menagerie" by the animal painter Jean-Baptiste Oudry.